Most British workers commute to work in 'zombie state'

Most British workers commute to work in 'zombie state'

New research by Quaker Oats has found that worn-out workers admit they don't feel ready to face the day until 9.40am on the average weekday.

According to the Quaker #SuperStart survey, 90 per cent operate on autopilot most mornings and seven out of ten commute to work in a 'zombie state'.

Off the back of these findings, 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Darcey Bussell has joined forces with porridge brand Quaker Oats to get Britain off to a super start.

She said: "Feeling fully awake can be particularly tough on cold, wintery mornings. I believe in getting active and off to a good start by making time for a nutritious breakfast, which is why I am supporting the Quaker Super Start campaign. As a dancer, my whole life has been about balance. Now I weigh up work and home, being active and taking easy steps to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I find the best way to get off to the best start and keep that goodness going, whatever I'm doing during the day, is a bowl of tasty Quaker porridge oats - particularly warming at this time of year!"