Memory-boosting cocoa

Memory-boosting cocoa

A hot drink that claims to cure memory loss has gone on sale.

MemoMax - a super-charged cocoa drink which contains naturally-occurring compound flavanols - can allegedly reverse age-related memory decline by up to 30 years.

Founder Andrew Parkinson said: "It works by using cocoa beans which have a slightly higher flavanol level than most, but it is the way that it is treated that really makes the difference. When you buy any chocolate or cocoa drink it contains flavanols, but when processed it is alkalized which kills off over 90 per cent of the flavanols. But we have found a company with a unique way to process the cocoa which doesn't kill off the flavanols. The company doesn't actually reveal how they do it - they are very protective of it."

The snazzy product costs £31.50 for a month supply