Video: Meet Ed the Inseminator, who has 106 children thanks to his 'super sperm'

Ed the Inseminator
Ed the Inseminator

In a show with Jodie Marsh, a Dutch man nicknamed Ed the Inseminator spoke about his unusual methods

The show, called 'Jodie Marsh is making babies', was broadcast on TLC but in case you missed it they posted an eye-opening clip on YouTube.

As part of the show Marsh goes to Holland to meet a man called 'Ed the Inseminator' who is very much in demand with women or couples who want to get pregnant as he produces 'super sperm' with triple the average man's sperm count.

And while Ed does participate in providing sperm for traditional artificial insemination he prefers, and believes it is better, if he actually has sex with the woman who wants to get pregnant.

He claims to be very much in demand and so far he has 'produced' 106 children.

Marsh, like us, is astonished.