McDonalds add Nutella-filled burger to menu

McDonalds add Nutella-filled burger to menu

McDonalds are offering a new Nutella-filled burger.

The latest addition to the menu was announced via a Facebook advert on Sunday night (13.11.16), which revealed that the new sweet treat will be called 'Sweety con Nutella' and will consist of a brioche bun, filled with the chocolate and hazelnut spread.

The new burger - which will just include Nutella and no other fillings like the usual cheese and gherkins - may disappoint some chocolate fans, as it will only be available in Italy.

McDonald's UK have not yet made any announcements that they will be introducing the chocolate treat, however if it becomes a popular treat to the Italians, there is a possibility that it could come to the UK.

The 'Sweety con Nutella' isn't the first treat to be introduced to an overseas McDonalds.