Mayoral candidate arrested for spraying ‘666’ on public buildings

Richard Sheridan
Richard Sheridan

A man who is running for mayor of Dallas has been arrested for spraying ‘666’ on a number of public buildings.

Dallas police say a grand jury has indicted Dallas mayoral candidate Richard Sheridan in connection with the June 2014 graffiti attacks.

Assistant Dallas Police Chief Randy Blankenbaker said Sheridan has been indicted, arrested and charged with vandalising the Legacy of Love Monument and the Cathedral of Hope.

The graffiti charge is a state jail felony, says Blankenbaker, but if it’s proved he selected those locations because of their “significance to the LGBT community,” that charge may be upgraded to a third-degree felony.

In August, police told The Dallas Morning News that Sheridan was the only person who’d been questioned in the case. Sheridan maintained he didn’t do it but said he knew who did — and that he agreed with the tags. He also said that despite what police were saying, the tags were “not a hate crime [but] an act of love — and a warning.”

Sheridan, who frequently distributes anti-gay leaflets around Dallas City Hall and has been escorted out of council chambers more than once, took to his Facebook page last summer to admit to having been interviewed twice.

In an open letter to Dallas police on August 2, Sheridan claimed that the person who actually tagged the locations “recognizes that there are some in the Gay community, the rabid faction, that wants vengence [sic], wants a ‘scalp’, wants to hang him out to dry, wants to send a message across Dallas and the Nation that (if they get their way) this is what will happen to anyone who dares to call out the immorality of the Gay lifestyle, to reference the Bible in saying that the Gay community is violating Gods laws.”