Mayor calls for burglars to be given court sanctioned beatings

Clare Mayor James Breen
Clare Mayor James Breen

Burglars should be subject to court sanctioned beatings according to Clare Mayor James Breen, who is calling for corporal punishment to be reintroduced.

The Mayor made the comments at a meeting of Clare County Council following a motion calling for the Department of Justice to give grant assistance to rural families who want to purchase burglar alarms, reports The Irish Daily Mirror.

“Jail is not good enough for these people (burglars),” who were being treated “like royalty” by the legal system,” said Cllr Breen.

 “I am very concerned that there are senior citizens in this county living in fear of their lives with the door and windows of their homes locked day and night. The reintroduction of some form of corporal punishment should be considered.

“Those thugs, after they go in (to a home) and leave you for dead, they are brought into jail and they are treated like royalty. It is time that this is changed.

“I don’t know what form that this (corporal punishment) might take but it should be considered.”

“I know I will get opposition to this idea, I have got it already – awful opposition to it.

“Opposition is grand if you are not affected yourself [by crime], but if someone belonging to you is left for dead inside in a house you might reconsider what you are talking about.

“I would appeal to people living on their own to never open their door to someone they don’t know and if they are in doubt, call the local Garda station. Don’t let anyone into you house, regardless of what scam they are putting up, unless you are sure.”

Cllr Breen was elected to the Dail in 2002 as an Independent TD and is expected to contest next year’s seat.