Man who hasn't stopped burping in two years looks to social media for help

A Florida man with a chronic belching problem has taken to social media for help in treating this little-known condition, which has been troubling him continuously for two years.

Army veteran Ron Johnson posted a YouTube video (above) on Monday in his bid to find somewhere who may know of a cure. 

He says he hasn't been able to stop burping for two years since he had an operation, and when he went to Sarasota County Health Department they told him they had never heard of the affliction. 

“They were baffled,” Johnson said. “Nobody ever heard anything like this or seen anything like it."

In January 2013, doctors prescribed him ritalin, which worked for a while. 

“The belching stopped, but by October it was back and I was suffering every psychological side effect, including a Parkinson’s syndrome-type side effect from that drug.

"No one has been able to figure out what is wrong with me,” he went on.

“I’ve had every gastro test that was available to me through the health department. They say I’m fine.”

He said the belching recedes when he is lying down.

“I can’t do anything from a recliner,” Johnson said, as he burps uncontrollably on-screen.

“It’s embarrassing to go out in public because this just does not stop."

His appeal on YouTube has prompted a number of response, with one user recommending cannabis: "Perhaps a medicine used to treat similar disorders may help. I don't condone recreational use but have you tried marijuana? It eases seizures maybe it will help you."