Man who had sex with donkey said his 'privates were out of control'

The donkey was not injured in the incident
The donkey was not injured in the incident

A man who admitted to having sex with a donkey at the farm where he worked said the reason he did it was because his 'privates were out of control'.

Gideon Swartzentruber was nabbed in the act by his boss on a farm in Neillsville, Wisconsin in the US. His boss is reported to have said 'What the f*** is going on here' when he walked in.

After his gaffer told the cops, the 20-year-old landed in a whole heap of trouble.

Swartzentruber has been charged with one misdemeanour count of sexual gratification with an animal.

After initially denying it, Swartzentruber admitted to police he did comitt the act with the animal.

The report says: "Sometime before noon on September 1, Swartzentruber was working in a Neillsville barn when he encountered a female donkey and briefly had sex with it.

“He said that he kind of touched the donkey and was playing around being crazy.”

When asked why he did it, he replied that his 'privates were out of control' and that he 'got crazy and carried away'.

Swartzentruber, who has no prebvious convictions, now faces a possible nine months behind bars.

The donkey was not injured in the incident.