Man who advertised free rent in exchange for female companion inundated with calls

Ad: Poluk Priyo
Ad: Poluk Priyo

A man living in Galway said he has been inundated with calls from women after he advertised free rent in exchange for a female companion.

Poluk Priyo claims he has received 127 offers in less than a day after posting an ad on Facebook page House Hunting Galway looking for a female companion.

The 27-year-old said in his post on the page: "I live in Galway City, if any girls wants to live together she doesn’t have to pay rent, just send me a private message. Only interested girls."

He then added: "Fifteen hours after I posted this I got 127 girls who are all interested to be my girlfriend, so that they can stay with me, as I stated above."

It is unknown whether the Bangladeshi man was entirely truthful about the response but we'll have to take his word for it. 

The post found its way onto reddit and drew some humourous comments. 

"I saw a couple offers like this on Craigslist when apartment-shopping... because being a live-in sex slave is so much better than paying rent," one user wrote. 

Another wrote: "I’d take him up but I’m not a sound person."

And another rather sardonically wrote: "I’ve a room available for one night. Females only need apply. Must be naked and moderately attractive."