Man tricked into buying 16-stone pig

Man tricked into buying 16-stone pig

A man living with a full sized 16-stone pig thought he was buying a micropig.

Pathadon Taesankul from Bangkok met the adorable piglet at a wholesale market near his home, and instantly formed a bond with the farm animal after the shop owner assured him the black and white creature was a pygmy pig and wouldn't increase in size all that much.

The 25-year-old hardware store owner parted with around £70 for the piglet, and after bringing the new pet home to his wife, the pair decided to call it Junior, because of its small size.

However, eight months later the couple are now living with a full sized 16-stone farmyard animal after it turned out the little piglet wasn't a pygmy at all.

Pathadon and his wife still love their pet pig though, and say the animal is "really intelligent" and wouldn't dare let him go.

Pathadon told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Junior is really intelligent and knows when it is time to 'go to work' and when it's time to go to bed.

"Many people come to my shop just to see Junior. Although I wouldn't have bought him if I knew he would get this big, I couldn't let him go now - he's part of the family we love him."