Man survives being struck by lightning, bitten by snake, spider

Kyle Cook was struck by lightning in 2012
Kyle Cook was struck by lightning in 2012

A Florida man has revealed how over the last three years he has survived a lightning strike, a bite from a venomous spider and a bite from a rattlesnake.

Kyle Cook's remarkable run of good/bad luck came to light after the most recent incident, the snake bite.

He told a local paper that he was cutting the grass at his home near Orlando earlier this month when the reptile struck.

He spotted the five-foot snake just three feet from him and he tried to back away quietly. Unfortunately, he stood on a branch and Cook believes the noise of the branch breaking caused the snake to lash out, biting him on the ankle.

In this case, his wife rushed him to hospital and luckily for him the bite didn't penetrate too deep so no venom entered his bloodstream, but he still spent the night in hospital.

However. this incident also revealed two other brushes with death the 31-year-old has suffered in recent years.

Back in April a spider bit him, causing his hand to swell up so badly he had to go to hospital. Doctors eventually drained away the toxins but he still has limited use of his hand.

And back in 2012, while working for a construction company the sweeper truck he was driving got stuck in a storm. He got out to free the sweeper and a lightning strike hit a puddle of water he was standing in.

That incident knocked him unconscious for a minute and doctors later diagnosed that he also suffered a mild heart attack. Cook still suffers from some pain and loss of feeling on his left side.

Cook also told the paper that he has in the past been bitten by an alligator while fishing and a friend's python also had a nip at him while he was feeding it.

Safe to say if you ever bump in to Kyle Cook, maybe don't hang around for too long.