Man sues woman after she gives him herpes

Lawsuit filed for 'pain and suffering'
Lawsuit filed for 'pain and suffering'

A man has sued a woman he met on a dating site for £6,600 after she allegedly gave him genital herpes.

The unnamed gentleman has filed a lawsuit against the unidentified woman asking for the large sum to compensate for the "pain and suffering" she's caused by passing the sexually transmitted disease following their hook-up.

According to News 3, the man told the judge he caught the virus after he met her on Tinder, arranged to meet her in Las Vegas and slept with her in a casino without protection.

The woman later stood before the court and admitted she did conceal the truth about having herpes.

However, the man didn't get off completely scot free as the judge asked why he'd had unprotected sex in the first place.

He said: "What about personal responsibility.

"You met a stranger. You have unprotected sex with someone. Why wouldn't you use protection if it was someone you didn't even know?"