Man sends girl Tesco delivery of her 'perfect last meal' after one date

Man sends girl Tesco delivery of her 'perfect last meal' after one date

A man has freaked out his first-time date after delivering her favourite things to her home address.

Lindsay Jones went on a lunch date with a man she met online but after just one date, he tried to swoon her and sent a lavish Tesco home delivery of her favourite foods.

The 33-year-old mum-of-one, didn't want a second date with the unnamed suitor from London but two days after they met he sent her a home delivery from the supermarket.

Lindsay said: "I met the man for lunch last week (12.05.16) and it was perfectly fine but I didn't really want to go ahead with a second date.

"I hadn't yet responded to his request to go out for dinner, so I was a bit shocked when a Tesco delivery driver walked up the driveway holding a crate of food."

But it wasn't essentials like bread and milk that had been ordered. Among the items delivered to the Cardiff home was fillet steak, mussels, Hendricks gin, tonic water and a box of chocolates - all of which she had mentioned on her date as her 'perfect last meal'.

Lindsay said: "We'd been comparing all the things we'd eat and drink for our last meal. I suppose it was a lovely gesture, but the sentiment was obviously 'are you going to agree to a second date or not?' ... I was a little bit creeped out."