Man's small penis text goes to wrong recipient

Man's small penis text goes to wrong recipient

A man was left red-faced after he texted to say he has a small penis only to get the number wrong.

Michael thought he was sending an intimate message to his ex-girlfriend Crystal, which detailed how tiny his penis is, but he ended up sending the message to the wrong phone number.

The cringe exchange was posted online to Imgur last week, and it's had over 104,000 views.

It read: "Hey Crystal, Lauren gave me your number. Can you please stop telling everyone how tiny I am!?!?"

The wrong recipient, who remains anonymous, replied: "Who's this? You could literally be like 10 people."

Instead of being cautious, Michael revealed his full name before begging: "Just don't say anything! Telling everyone I have a baby c**k is embarrassing."

The man, who received the message by mistake, poked fun at Michael, and joked: "Some babies have very big c**ks. Baby elephants, for example. It could be a compliment."

But later fessed up and apologised.

He said: "I'm sorry man, I'm just f***ing with you. Lauren gave you the wrong number. Good luck with the baby d*** though, that's rough."