VIDEO: Man with 19-inch penis offered reduction by porn boss

Roberto Esquivel Carbrera
Roberto Esquivel Carbrera

Porn boss Steven Hirsch has offered a Mexican man with a 19-inch penis free reduction surgery.

Roberto Esquivel Carbrera, 52, was approached by the Vivid Entertainment founder to star in his very own sex-tape but Steven quickly switched his offer to genitalia surgery after he realised rather than being a blessing, Roberto's "heavy burden" was a curse.

In a video that's gone viral, Roberto displays the enlarged member and laments that it has cost him his job, meaningful relationships and even moments of worship, because he can't kneel down in church to pray.

The world's first penis reduction surgery took place in Florida in February after a 17-year-old boy complained his manhood grew so large - 7ins in length with a circumference of 10ins when flaccid - it stopped him having sex.


Footage by TMZ

Mr Esquivel Carbrera's penis was wrapped in a giant sock before filming began.