Man raises pair of pet dogs for two years – before realising they’re bears

The owner believed the bears were dogs
The owner believed the bears were dogs

A man recently made a startling discovery about his beloved pet dogs – they are actually bears.

The shocked farmer had lovingly raised the animals since they were ‘pups’, pampering them with treats and bathing them almost every day.

The man, Wang Kaiyu, from Jinchang Town in China, bought them off a passer-by at his house – as he thought they were adorable.

He thought it was odd when their already healthy appetite grew a bit more voracious as the months passed, and noticed them on a few occasions killing and eating chickens.

Soon after he spotted a wildlife protection poster in the town put up by the local forest police – and the penny dropped.

His shaggy-haired mutts were, in fact, Asian black bears – and are listed as a Class II protected species.

The heartbroken animal lover decided it would be best if they were rehomed somewhere more suitable, and the pair were relocated to a forest area in Yunnan province – where the male and female are thriving.