Man pretends to be printer

Man pretends to be printer

A man has pretended to be his neighbour's printer.

The 18 year old, named as Blake Messick, decided to play a prank on his neighbour when they bought a wireless printer and set it up on an unsecured network.

Taking to Twitter to share his prank with the world, Blake showed his computer screen as he sent a document to the printer without his neighbour knowing.

The document read: "Hello. I am your printer. I have become self aware. Run."

He captioned the photo: "my neighbor just got an unsecured wireless printer, so I sent this to him (sic)"

To Blake's delight, the prank definitely scared his unnamed neighbour, and the following day he found the printer sitting by the bins ready to be taken away.

Blake then took the prank a step further, bringing the printer inside his own home and claiming it as his own.

He tweeted: "And that's the story of how I got a free printer."