Man posts himself in box from the UK to Australia

Replica of crate used by Reg Spiers to travel to Australia
Replica of crate used by Reg Spiers to travel to Australia

Reg Spiers spent 3 days in a wooden box to get home to Perth after he found himself stranded in the UK - only to make it back in time for his daughter’s birthday.

The Javelin thrower had wanted to compete in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but when that proved unreachable he got a job in an airport to try and earn enough money so he could fly home.

Although in a twist of fate, Reg’s wallet was stolen and he was forced to change his plan or he would never make it home. He had a friend build a box in which he could live in when he was loaded onto a plane.

According to Metro he said “I just got in the thing and went. What was there to be frightened of? I’m not frightened of the dark so I just sat there.

“It’s like when I travel now if I go overseas. There’s the seat. Sit in it, and go.”

He managed to get loaded onto an Air India plane yet had to endure a 24 hour delay squashed into the 5ft x 3ft x 2.5ft box.

He took only a few supplies to stay alive for the three day journey. These included: A blanket, a pillow, a torch, some tinned foods, two plastic bottles (one used for water, the other for urine) and a suit.

Whilst in the air, he often crept out to wee into the bottle of which he left on top of the box as the plane came into land in Paris on its first stop.

Baggage handlers in the French airport thought that the bottle had been left there as some sick joke by the brits.

Reg describes his next stop, Bombay, as being ‘sticky’. He said that his box was left in the sun’s glare upside-down for hours. This was a good enough excuse for Reg to get naked.

Many more hours had gone by until, finally, he could hear the sound of Australian baggage handlers swearing about the size of the box he was inside.

He said “The accents, how could you miss? I’m on the soil. Amazing. Wonderful. I made it.

“I knew they would take the box to a bond shed. When they put me in the shed I got out straight away. There were cartons of beer there. I don’t drink but I whipped a beer out and had a drink of that.”

Once on the inside he managed to find some tools in which he used to cut himself a way out of the room. He slid into a suit, hopped a fence and hailed a cab home.

Thomas Finlay