Man pocket dials friend while having sex with German Shepherd

Russell Joseph Meyers
Russell Joseph Meyers
Meyers outside court
Meyers outside court

A former carnival worker has been arrested after he accidentally called his friend while allegedly having sex with her German Shepherd.

54-year-old Russell Joseph Meyers who lives in Phil Campbell, Alabama reportedly admitted to sexual relations with his dog on four occasions.

Police say that his act of bestiality was recorded on voice mail when nobody answered the phone.

''It's obvious there is a condition there; it's just abnormal, no matter how you look at it,” said Sheriff Shannon Oliver.

If convicted Meyers will be the second person to be charged under the state’s new tough bestiality law, reports the New York Daily News.

If convicted, he will be required to register as a sex offender.

'It’s scary that it’s had to go on more than we know for them to make it a law,' said Oliver.

Meyers also reportedly owns a Chihuahua, but only had sex with the German Shepherd, police say.

Meyers was also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The unnamed dog, who is female, is said to be recovering at Franklin County Animal Control.

She is going to be examined by a veterinarian

In court Meyers bail was set at $6,000 and if released on Bond he must not have any contact with animals.