Man plans second wedding as wife lost memory of first after accident

The Stamper wedding in August 2014
The Stamper wedding in August 2014

A man is planning a second wedding after a car accident meant his wife has no memory of their first big day.

Jeremy and Justice Stamper, from Bristol, Tennessee got married on August 1, 2014 after being a decade before when they were both in Sunday school.

But less than three weeks after the wedding day, Justice was involved in a serious car crash that left the 20-year-old seriously injured.

Initially released from hospital after one day, Justice would eventually be diagnosed with concussion and subsequently with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Jeremy told ABC: "When she said she had memory loss, the doctors said it could come back and it might not. Signing our lease, renting our apartment, the planning, all that stuff she has no recollection of.

"She looked at the [wedding] pictures and she saw the video, but she said it drew a blank. It would only upset her."

So Jeremy came up with a great idea, wedding Number 2, on the first anniversary, August 1 2015.

The wedding will take at the same venue but Justice will wear a different dress.

And Jeremy is determined to appreciate the day fully.

"We want to take in those memories that most people take for granted," he said. "They go through it, but don't cherish them like they should. Hold onto them as if they're the last things on earth because if they go away, it's terrible."