May 24th, 2016

Man with inverted penis may have to pay €74k to stop watermelon sized scrotum getting any larger

TrendingBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh
Tanya and Tyrone Bowd
Tanya and Tyrone Bowd

An Australian man fears having to pay $100,000 (€74k) for a lifesaving surgery in the US to stop his scrotum, which is currently the size of a watermelon, from getting any larger and possibly killing him.

Tyrone Bowd has scrotal lymphoedema which makes his scrotum swell, growing bigger than a watermelon and reaching his knees.

This can cause infections which rise his temperature and heart rate and can cause his body to turn septic.

His mother Tanya Bowd told The Courier Mail that her son, who suffers with autism, weighs over 17 stone and has an inverted penis, had sought help from more than 100 medical professionals.

“As a mother the last 12 months have been emotional. I can’t sleep and I’m always doing research about how to help my son.

“One response I got was they could give him a sex change but couldn’t repair his scrotum so I basically threw my hands in the air,” she said.

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“Tyrone needs help to go to the toilet and he has a lot of difficulty walking.

“He broke his leg in a motorbike accident earlier this year and that’s because his scrotum was a hindrance on the bike.

“His scrotum is so big that he can’t ride a bike anymore and family and friends pitched in to get him a quad bike” she continued.

Luckily for the much suffering 24-year-old, a Melbourne based surgeon has offered to help try to stop Mr Bowd’s scrotum from reaching titanic proportions.

Dr Ramin Shayan, who has a has a PhD in lymphoedema said "I feel sorry for him having to spend all this money and travel overseas when he can have it done here, for free".

"At the very least we can look at him, look at his scans and in fact verify if he has to go over there.”

Mr Bowd described the affliction as "uncomfortable and frustrating".

"It’s hard to do stuff all the time and it’s hard to go places," he said.

For more information or to support Tyrone: Car Drive for Tyrone.