Man jailed after police mistook dead friend's ashes for ketamine

Man jailed after police mistook dead friend's ashes for ketamine

An English man was taken into custody by Canadian border police who mistook his deceased pal's ashes for party drug ketamine.

Russell Laight, of Worcestershire, UK, was jailed for six days by Canadian authorities who thought he was transporting the horse tranquiliser drug.

The 41-year-old was in fact bringing the ashes of his friend, Simon Darby, to Canada where he planned to scatter them in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Mr Laight's flight from Heathrow was diverted to St John’s Airport, Newfoundland, where tests on Mr Darby's remains found them to be ketamine.

The supposed discovery of the Class B party drug landed Mr Laight in a prison cell.

He was held there for almost a week before further tests showed no sign of the drug.

Canadian border police have so far failed to return the remains.

Mr Laight told the Mirror: "I was very, very unhappy about it. Very unhappy that my friend's relatives were unhappy as well.

"I heard there were lots of people crying over it, lots of people upset about it. I was treated like a criminal and all privileges taken away.

"It was just a shock to be honest. Being treated a bit like a dog, as a criminal, looked down upon, civil liberties taken away."