HORRIFIC IMAGES: Man embroiled in life or death battle with python after bathroom penis attack

(Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)
(Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)


38-year-old Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was sitting on the toilet in his Thailand home, taking care of business, when a giant python emerged from the murky water below and took hold of the top of his unsuspecting penis.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay (Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)

When the shocked man realised what was happening he tried to pull away, but the bloodthirsty serpent wouldn’t release his trapped member.

A battle for the organ ensued in Mr Boonmakchuay’s bathroom as the snake thrashed around the room, while he roared and screamed for help from his wife.

(Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)

As the walls dripped with blood and fearing his penis would be torn off and devoured by the marauding constrictor, the battle weary man hatched a cunning plan.

He wrapped a piece of rope around the snake’s head and attached the end to the door handle.

(Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)

This helped him free his wounded willy from the snake’s jaws.

He promptly collapsed and was brought to hospital having suffered significant blood loss.

(Pics: Facebook / bangpakongnew)

Reports indicate that the python had climbed up the sewerage pipe and into Mr Boonmakchuay’s toilet bowel.

Bangpakong News reported that fire fighters had to smash the toilet to remove the snake, who was still alive following the ordeal.

The reptile is to be relocated into the wild at a later stage.