Man has heart attack and crushes wife during hot tub sex session

Dorothy Mackenzie (Pic: CTV News)
Dorothy Mackenzie (Pic: CTV News)

A husband and wife died while having sex in a hot tub during a visit to Mexico, for their daughter’s wedding.

It has been reported that 67-year-old Charles Mackenzie had a heart attack while making love to his wife Dorothy, trapping her under the water.

When found the couple were said to be in a sexual embrace.

A spokesman from Quintana Roo state prosecutor’s office said autopsies indicated that Charles suffered a heart attack while Dorothy died from asphyxia by submersion.”

Charles Mackenzie (Pic: CTV)

The wedding was due to take place two days after the grim discovery was made, but a relative said:

“They’re more concerned about the remains and cremation.”

The deceased couple’s friends and family were being comforted by staff at the beachside Playacar Palace hotel in Playa del Carmen.

A spokesperson for the hotel denied any reports that the couple, from Nova Scotia in Canada, were electrocuted.

“All the rooms’ equipment was working perfectly”.

He also added that the hotel staff were assisting the group with dealing with local officials.