Man hacks neighbour's Bluetooth speaker to get revenge

Man hacks neighbour's Bluetooth speaker to get revenge

A man connected to his neighbour's Bluetooth speaker to creep them out.

An Imager user called 2amandwideawake was having problems with his neighbours complaining about the slighted noise that it left him unable to do household chores like wash his clothes.

He said: "My downstairs neighbours were d***s. To the point where even tip-toeing around my apartment past 10pm would elicit banging on the ceiling. It eventually escalated to the cops being called because my washing machine was being run at 9pm."

So, what did he do? Move out? No...

He said: "So I figure out my neighbours have unsecured Bluetooth speakers. So for the last week, I've synced my phone to the speaker at 3am on the dot and start blasting the creepiest soundtrack I can find for exactly six seconds. In completely unrelated news, I'm pretty sure my apartment complex is about to have a vacancy."