Man gets penis stuck in wrench

Man gets penis stuck in wrench

A man got his penis stuck in a wrench - and had to get it removed by a dentist.

The 37-year-old bachelor was left fearing for the life of his manhood after he accidentally got it wedged in the tool and it was turning blue, and none of the experienced medical staff at the hospital in Linhai City, China, could release it.

The staff then enlisted the help of the fire brigade but it was decided that their angle grinder would pose more danger to the patient due to the heat it radiates.

However, one doctor then had the bright idea of asking a dentist after she had watched a similar case during a seminar.

Two arrived with a dental trill that rotates at 200,000 to 300,000 times a minutes and they managed to release the man's penis within 30 minutes without further injury.

According to the Metro newspaper, the dentist said: "The dental engine also has a high-pressure water cooler to reduce the heat caused by the drilling."