Man gets drunk on chips

Nick Hess (Pic: ABC News)
Nick Hess (Pic: ABC News)

We've all been there - strolling home from the pub and getting an awful pang for a bag of chips - but in this individual's case he may as well be taking another load of alcohol on board.

Nick Hess suffers from 'auto-brewery syndrome', a condition where his stomach turns carbohydrates to alcohol by producing too much yeast, the BBC reports.

He said: "It was weird, I'd eat some carbs and all of a sudden I was goofy, vulgar. Every day for a year I would wake up and vomit.

"Sometimes it would come on over the course of a few days, sometimes it was just like, 'Bam! I'm drunk.'"

Nick is now on a low carb diet and is taking anti-fungal drugs to limit the effects of the condition.