Company accused of firing man for farting too much at work

This gas tale is coming from the US
This gas tale is coming from the US

A meat company in New Jersey is being sued by the wife of a former employee who claims he was fired for farting too much at the office.

Louann Clem, who worked with her husband at Case Pork Roll Co, has brought the legal action under a discrimination act according to mycentraljersey.

Her husband had gastric band surgery due to his obesity but afterwards he suffered with “extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.”

It is alleged that Case President Thomas Dolan began to complain about the smell in the office, telling Clem to work from home.

We have to do something about Rich,” the lawsuit claims he told Louann Clem. “This can’t go on.”

The company owner Tom Grieb has a different take.

“Business wasn’t good. They didn’t want to take a pay cut and walked out,” he said. “Neither one were fired. They are just saying that.”

Louann is suing under a disability act as her husband was 420lbs before the surgery so he had an obesity disability.

She is seeking unspecified damages and the case continues.