Man finds whole potato in crisp packet

Man finds whole potato in crisp packet

A man found a whole potato inside a bag of crisps.

Richard Bootman, 25, bought the steak and onion-flavoured snack from an Aldi supermarket in Brandon in Suffolk and was shocked to find nothing but the greasy vegetable inside, reports Metro newspaper.

He said: "I opened the packet of crisps and noticed there wasn't the usual crunchy sound you get.

"I tipped the packet upside-down and this oily potato just fell out onto my desk."

Richard joked about the potato with his work colleagues before posting a picture of the spud to Aldi's Twitter account.

He said: "We all just laughed when we saw it, then I said to a friend, 'Maybe you are expected to cook your own crisps these days?'."

An Aldi spokesperson has since responded saying: "Aldi is aware of this incident and is happy to offer the customer a full refund."