Lucky youngster finds €100,000 floating in river

The cash being dried out (image via Vienna Police)
The cash being dried out (image via Vienna Police)

A boy has well and truly proved the saying finders keepers...

The unnamed youngster was walking along the River Danube in Austria on Saturday when he came across a wad of cash notes amounting to €100,000.

The lucky chap tried to fish the floating notes out of the river but passersby assumed he was attempting suicide and alerted police, who came to his rescue, according to Oesterreich newspaper.

A police spokesman also said no crimes had been recorded in the area recently and they were unsure as to where the money came from.

Initial reports by Austrian media suggested the police believed the notes to be counterfeit, but they have since confirmed the money is genuine.

They became aware of the floating money when they were called to the river by members of the public who feared a young man was attempting suicide.

It transpired he was in the water to recover the money.

In Austria, anyone who finds money and hands it over to police is entitled to claim between 5% and 10% of the total.

However if the owner is not found within a year, the entire sum will be given to the boy.