Man dresses in latex and lives as a puppy

Man dresses in latex and lives as a puppy

A man in Coventry has been dressing in latex and living as a puppy.

Lucky, 35, lives with 60-year-old Oz - whom he met three years ago via a dating app - and lives as a pet dog by playing fetch and being taken for long strolls in the park.

Speaking to the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Lucky said: "I said on the site that I wanted to come and try it out then this year around three years later I just bit the bullet and said I would like to go to Birmingham Pride dressed as a pup."

And Lucky's "owner" Oz used to play the role of the furry animal himself, although he gave up the role once he retired.

He said: "I found that it did something for me unlike anything I had ever experienced before. All the decisions you have to make, and the things you have to worry about as a human go away. It's like being on a holiday."