Man downs bottle of Jack Daniels in online viral stunt viewed over 400,000 times

The man's video has received nearly half a million views
The man's video has received nearly half a million views

A man in Wales has posted a video on YouTube which shows him downing a bottle of Jack Daniels in one go.

The clip posted to Will William's YouTube account has been viewed nearly half a million times since being uploaded three days ago. 

The Caernarfon man has been the subject of much praise but also a lot of criticism since publishing the clip. One viewer wrote: "I honestly don't know weather to be impressed or horrified!" Another user said the Welsh native was "hot". 

But one commenter said the stunt was 'idiotic'. 

Anna Brandberg wrote: "What the video fails to show is that unless he threw it all up within 10-15 min, that is a lethal dose of alcohol and he would almost certainly land in the hospital with his stomach pumped.
"This is just idiotic. I can't believe people are applauding this and thus putting more lives at risk as other naive people might think it seems funny and want to try it for themselves."
The 27-year-old is seen chugging the whole bottle before jokingly remarking "Neknominate that", in relation to the contentious online game. 
Is this reckless?