Man discovers gold with €3.5 million

Man discovers gold with €3.5 million

Only lucky French man discovered a secret cache full of gold in a house he inherited from a deceased relative in Normandy.

The stash of coins was attached to the underside of a table which was being moved by the man.

This prompted him to check every nook and cranny in the house and low and behold he discovered larger amounts of gold in other storage locations of the estate.

“It was under the furniture, under piles of linen, in the bathroom ... everywhere,” a local auctioneer Nicolas Fierfort told Agence France-Presse.

Fierfort admitted to missing the treasure himself upon a visit to appraise furniture within the house.

“It was extremely well hidden,” he said in the report.

Eventually the lucky heir came across a massive pile of 23-pound gold bars.

An estimated 220 pounds of the precious metal was located all around the home, including 5,000 gold pieces, two 26-pound bars and 37 smaller bars weighing two-pounds each.

The gold, after the examination of experts, was dated back to the 1950s and 1960s when the man’s wealthy relative had bought the precious metal.

Certificates of the gold’s authenticity were also found in the deceased’s estate.

The heir, though liable to a 45% inheritance tax, has already sold the gold to various international buyers.