Man converted aeroplane into a road legal car

(Pic: Barcroft)
(Pic: Barcroft)

QUIRKY car designer Mark Ray is flying high on America's roads - driving a converted light aeroplane.

The 56-year-old was the brains behind the Plane Car, a fusion of a 2003 Cirrus SR22 and a Chevrolet Tracker - costing $10,000 (£6,500) to complete.

(Pic: Barcroft)

He said: "The Cirrus was perfect for me because the aircraft has a fibreglass body which makes it lighter but more durable than your average aluminium aircraft.

"The reaction I get driving it is priceless. People will look in the rear-view mirror and see an aeroplane and start panicking."

Mark, who owns a paper shredding company, was already turning heads in a homemade Boat Car.

(Pic: Barcroft)

But his daughter Brianna, 17, thought he was getting bored with it and encouraged him to start a new project.

It took five months to build with from Steve West of Flex-Fab, Mike Rivera of Rivera's Upholstery and Brandon Geddings of Controlled Motors.

The first step was a fabrication conversion of the Chevrolet Tracker and the 2003 Cirrus SR22 into one vehicle.

(Pic: Barcroft)

They then made it road-legal by attaching side-view and rear-view mirrors, taillights and seat-belts. 

The tail had about 20 inches shaved off it to prevent it accidentally scratching other vehicles.

Mark then finished the project with a paint job before taking his family out for a spin around their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

(Pic: Barcroft)

Despite its bizarre appearance, it is used as a family car rather than just special occasions.

Mark said: "I take my son to school in it - and the school goes crazy. 

"All the people just go nuts when they see the Plane Car and we have a good time. 

"When we go out for dinner there is a full crowd of people and I have to answer a tonne of questions about it - but that's part of the game. If you have an unusual vehicle you have to answer questions about it. 

"But I really do like it a lot and I think I will probably one day pass it onto my son.

(Pic: Barcroft)

He added: "I've had a few people ask if it's for sale and I've told them that it wasn't right now - but if the right price was offered to me I would maybe sell it. Money does talk - but I'm really enjoying it right now."