Man changes name and gets new passport as it's cheaper than altering Ryanair ticket

A Ryanair plane takes off
A Ryanair plane takes off

Adam Armstrong, a student from Manchester, discovered it was cheaper to change his name and get a new passport than it was to pay Ryanair for a name change on a ticket.

The 19-year old faced the dilemma when he discovered that a ticket bought for him for a trip to Ibiza with his girlfriend had been purchased under the wrong name.

'Her stepdad got my name from Facebook but I had put it as Adam West as a joke, because he was the actor who played Batman on TV,’ he told the Sun.

Adam checked with Ryanair and discovered that it would cost £110 to have the name changed and because his girlfriend's name was on the ticket, it would cost £220 to amend.

Then he had a bright idea.

Adam discovered that there was no cost to legally change his name by deed poll in the UK and that a new express passport in his new name would only cost £103.

With £117 saved, Adam will now fly to Ibiza with his other half as planned next week.

Ryanair say that the name change fee is there to prevent people selling on tickets to others for profit.

However, Independent.ie say that Adam only saved himself £7 as he was only required to change his name and not his girlfriend's.

Still, fair play.