Man broke into hospital and stole brains to sell on eBay

Man broke into hospital and stole brains to sell on eBay

23-year-old David Charles broke into a former mental hospital and stole more than 80 human brains to sell on eBay.

Charles broke into Indiana Medical History Museum, which was formerly the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane, on multiple occasions and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of items, including an electrocardiogram machine, scopes, a baby scale as well and numerous human brains.  

A museum worker said possibly 1,000 pieces were stolen as well as the copper piping from the building.

Charles was arrested in December 2013 after a man who bought six human brains from him on eBay tracked the items to the museum, which led the authorities to their brain thief.

Charles, who was flogging the stolen organs on Facebook, was sentenced to four years in jail, with three suspended, after admitting stealing human tissue from the Indiana Medical History Museum.

Charles was ordered to stay away for the museum and must also earn a high school diploma or general educational development certificate under the sentencing agreement.