Man bitten on penis by venomous spider for second time in six months

The dangerous, and painful, Redback Spider
The dangerous, and painful, Redback Spider

A builder in Australia has spoken about getting bitten on the penis by a venomous spider for the second time in just six months.

The BBC reports on the poor man, known only as Jordan, and he tells them how he came to be the victim of a very cruel double dose of bad luck.

The 21-year old said: "I'm the most unlucky guy in the country at the moment.

"I was sitting on the toilet doing my business and just felt the sting that I felt the first time.

"I was like 'I can't believe it's happened again.' I looked down and I've seen a few little legs come from around the rim."

Just like the first bite five months ago the incident happened on a building site in Sydney.

Understandably nervous, Jordan said he hardly ever used the site toilet after the first incident but this week the toilet had just been cleaned and he had checked the seats before he sat down.

It is believed the man was bitten by a redback spider, which can be fatal if anti-venom isn't administered. Bite victims also suffer from severe pain, sweating and nausea.

Jordan was soon sent on his way from hospital, after his workmates gave him a good slagging, but he says he is unlikely to relieve himself in the on-site jacks again.

"I think I'll be holding on for dear life to be honest," he said.