Man banned from keeping bin bags due to weird fetish

Man banned from keeping bin bags due to weird fetish

A man has been banned from keeping bin bags in his house because of his fetish for suffocating people in plastic.

Warren Harris, a 46-year-old from Cheltenham, south west England, is not even allowed look at images of people being packed into bags and squeezed to an inch of their life, according to Gloucester Live.

Mr. Harris was warned not to view such images in 2010, but he failed to comply to the court order.

Prosecutor Caighli Taylor told the court: "Police attended his address on 18th July this year. It was an unannounced visit and he consented to his mobile phone being checked. It showed he had been watching films on You Tube in relation to women being vacuum packed and asphyxiated. Written stories relating to asphyxiation were also found."

His sentence was deferred for six months to see if Harris could receive expert help.

Recorder Robert Linford warned: "I will lock you up and throw the key so far away that you will never find it. I am giving you a chance. Don't blow it."