Love/ Hate actor's magic mushroom moment

Love/ Hate actor's magic mushroom moment

Love /Hate star Robert Sheehan has told how magic mushroom left him on his knees crying in the Californian desert

The Irish actor sampled the mind-bending fungus on a Valentine’s weekend camping trip with girlfriend Sofia Boutella.

“I kept the whole thing a surprise and we went and set up our tent and it was incredibly beautiful,” he told Hot Press.

“Then I said 'Alright baby phase two of the surprise' and took out a handful of magic mushrooms.

“We just wandered out into the wilderness on magic mushrooms. It was a f**king profound experience. It was glorious. Truly fantastic,” he said.

Sheehan told how he started to hallucinate, but warned people to be very careful if they opt to take magic mushrooms

"Do not take mushrooms in an urban environment, or with anybody you don't know or with people who aren't on mushrooms,” he warned

"I was on my knees crying for an hour and a half. It just completely distorts your perception of reality and how you see the world,” he explained

"We came out of it just feeling really well...with a new found joy,” added Sheehan.