Lotto winners' bizarre requests have been revealed

Lotto winners' bizarre requests have been revealed

Lottery winners have splashed their cash on gadgets like an electric cheese grater.

The quirky details of bizarre requests made by lotto winners have been revealed by lottery advisor Kathy Garrett.

One winner, who scooped £35 million calmly told Camelot bosses not to bring round the cheque - until decorators had finished work on his house.

Kathy, who has helped the £50,000-plus winners for more than five years, said: "People want to buy all sorts of strange things but the cheese grater was the most unusual thing. It's just something they could splash out on. There was a £1.6m jackpot winner who ran a butcher's shop. He had to go out to sell a turkey every couple of minutes - he didn't want to let anybody down even though he had just become a millionaire."