VIDEO: Losing weight could kill 28-stone model's career


GLAMOUR model Sarah Rout revels in her status as a ‘body positive’ 28 stone Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) - but doctors have warned her she will die if she does not lose weight.

But despite their stark warnings, the plus size model says she doesn’t want to lose her self- confidence or alienate her ever-growing legion of fans by dispensing with her beloved trademark curves.

The 30-year-old, size-30, mother-of-three has been modeling for seven years and now relies on her husband Tony to help her with some simple things her size makes difficult, including drying her back and legs and helping her up from low furniture.

Doctors have warned Sarah, who models under the name Babyjane, she is at high risk of a heart attack and diabetes.

She is already suffering from sleep apnea – a nocturnal breathing condition often caused by obesity.

But while Sarah admits to being worried about her health, her budding modelling career relies on posting sexy shots of both her own and others BBWs’ voluptuous curves on her website.

Aspiring to be slim is an unfamilar concept to her as she has always been happy and proud of her size and hopes to extend her raunchy reportoire to include webcam and live performances.

Sarah said: “I love my curves. But I am worried about my size now.

“My plan is to lose some weight but not too much. To be the perfect size for both my health and my modelling.

If I was 18 stone, I’d be happy and I could still model.”

Sarah, lives in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, with her husband Tony, who helps her run her website.

Three years ago they launched BBW Angels – a website where BBW models can promote themselves and fans are able to find and follow their work.

But Tony says that Sarah’s ambitions to perform live and on camera could work in direct opposition to their efforts to help her lose weight.

Viewers of BBW webcam models often get off on watching big girls eat – a practice not necessarily helpful for someone looking to shed the pounds.

Tony said: “That is one thing I would definitely put my foot down and say that I wouldn’t allow.

“It is contradictory to what we are trying to achieve - to get Sarah’s weight down and for her to be healthy.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with her doing webcam stuff as long as there was no feeding - but she’s against that anyway. Pretty much anything else is fair game.”

Tony said: “I’ve become sort of a carer to Sarah now.

“She struggles from time to time to do even simple things, like drying herself after a shower. “Her weight has a massive impact on our day-to-day life.”

Tony and Sarah met online after chatting to each other for twelve months.

They fell in love and have been happily married for three years.

The couple were the subject of negative headlines in the press last year after appearing on a Channel Five documentary called ‘Supersize: No Fatties Allowed’, with several reports claiming Sarah was too big to do the school run.

However, Sarah says the reality was that she steered clear of taking her kids to and from school after being bullied for her size by other parents.

But despite the criticism, the couple say they are now dedicated to promoting body positivity. Slim Tony said: “We’re really passionate about it.

“Sarah and I both come from different sides of the scales. Sarah is on the larger side and me on the slimmer side but we have both been bullied for what we look like.

“Both of us have had quite negative comments”.

The pair are working hard to grow their website and Tony, who has been photographing his wife for years, now hopes to photograph other women too.

“I’d love to be able to not only be behind the camera for Sarah, but to be able to offer that service out to people who might be struggling for a photographer,” he added.

Sarah is just as ambitious about her modeling career, even if she has resigned herself to losing some weight for the benefit of her health.

She said: “I see my modeling career going further and further. There’s a lot I’ve got planned. I want to write a biography and bring out a perfume and we are going to start selling keyrings and posters and stuff.

“I still want to be curvy because I want to keep modelling. And I can’t see myself as skinny.

“I love my body and I love showing it off. I feel completely confident and comfortable with it. I’m confident in everything I do.

“That’s why I love modeling. I’ll show off my curves and my personality and I send out a big message to other girls that are big.

"It doesn’t matter what you look like. You’re beautiful no matter what.”