Lithuanian knife thrower endangers his assistant's life

The brave assistant
The brave assistant

This viral video shows a Lithuanian knife thrower and his lucky assistant competing in a talent show, live on TV.

The brave assistant unflinchingly stands as his seemingly untalented, knife-throwing, partner flings blades at him.

We're not sure if the enduring assistant had devoured a hand-full of Valium before the show, or if he was genuinely convinced that his mate could throw knifes, but he stands, calmly, at the board throughout the blundering performance.

At 1:17 the assistant has his finger cut, then at 1:30 it almost happens again, our stoic, human, target is rather close to death at 3:15 and then at 4:45 the knife thrower appears to wipe something, possibly blood, from his victim's shoe. 

Reports indicate that the assistant was taken to hospital for his finger after the show.