Lexus unveil 360-degree video of Jude Law in The Life RX

Lexus unveil 360-degree video of Jude Law in The Life RX

Lexus will unveil their first 360-degree video of a live immersive theatre production that featured Jude Law on Thursday (10.03.16.)

The Hollywood actor surprised fans when he played himself as part of the theatrical experience put on by the luxury car makers last month, and the movie that was thus created - filmed with over 80 individual GoPro cameras - is set to debut on Lexus Europe's YouTube channel.

It allows viewers to experience the glamour, excitement and immersion of the cinematic extravaganza and to move the camera as they wish to view any part of the scene.

Speaking after the event, Jude said: "Starring in the immersive event was amazing. I've been a huge fan of the team behind the experience for many years and also by having seen a lot of work that they have previously done from 'Punch Drunk' to 'You Me Bum Bum Train'.

"So it was very interesting being on the other side as a part of the team creating it - I mean I was just playing myself!"

During the night at the one-off event, guests - who feature in the film - were guided through rooms by their fake publicist and were required to improvise in their new persona as an international movie star.