‘Leaving Cert’ weather is finally here… and looks set to stay (mostly)

Soak it up
Soak it up

After last week’s gale-force winds that were strong enough to blow the flake out of your 99 ice cream (if you were hardy enough to buy one) and the recent un-June-like chilly weather, it looks like ‘Leaving Cert’ warm weather is finally here.

And here to stay well into next week, at the very least.

Despite the chance of an occasional light shower today it appears that the rain has taken some well-earned summer holidays from its 24/7 and 365 battering of Ireland.

In fairness, the mercury won’t be busting through the top of the thermometers – but we’re looking at temperatures in the mid to late teens for the next 10 days.

Scorchio? No… but a damn sight better than what we’ve been getting in the early part of our elusive ‘summer’ and certainly more conducive to lapping up those aforementioned 99s without looking like a complete plonker.

Weather prediction in this country is a notoriously complicated business though (you know Ireland… it could be raining cats, dogs and possibly even hamsters on your house while your sun-dappled neighbour entertains guests at a BBQ on his spanking new decking right next door) so, while some of us laze around the back garden on recently purchased deckchairs from Woodies, there will be the odd cumulonimbus elsewhere to watch out for.

For example, anyone in Cork preparing to have breakfast al-fresco early on Saturday better cancel those plans as there’s a heavy belt of rain predicted there that morning, and there will be passing showers – some thundery – scattered around the south coast in general on Thursday night/Friday morning.

The ducks in St Stephen’s Green should be dining on the pointy bits of Cornettos all week as the capital looks set to see fine weather stay around  – until Saturday that is, when you’ll probably get a chance to catch up on those household chores indoors due to the heavy drizzle that makes an appearance. Boo.

And the north west coast, so often the punchbag when Mr Rain feels like getting nasty, will see rain creeping in again early next week.

But that’s why it’s so green and beautiful there (yes, that’s me looking for a silver lining in those clouds).

But it’s a small price to pay. Our trusted chums from the website yr.no rarely get things wrong on the weather front and when they say we’re going to get generally good weather (yes, they’ve said just that) we here at sundayworld.com HQ instantly switch into ‘chilled Prosecco mode’ and don ill-fitting singlets. It’s quite a sight, I can assure you.

So ditch the raincoats, dump the brolly and slap on the open-toe sandals… but perhaps have a light gansey on standby so you don’t catch a chill in the evenings, just like any sensible Irish mammy would advise.