Kim posting sexy selfies is totally different to men sending d**k pics

Kim posting sexy selfies is totally different to men sending d**k pics

Last week I was asked by a journalist if I had ever received any ‘d**k’ shots on Snapchat.

It’s a really common thing, especially among my friends who work in the same industry as me.

Michael O’Doherty then said he struggled to understand how the ‘d**k’ shots were any different to Kim Kardashian posting a naked selfie with all her bits covered up.

Well Michael, the main difference is the fact that ‘d**k’ shots on Snapchat are something I would consider more a modern-day flasher.

Kim is not fully naked and is also not performing a sex act on herself, which is a regular occurrence on Snapchat videos. It is not only offensive, but utterly disgusting.

I don’t follow these people on Snapchat, but they can private mail me, along with everyone who follows me.

This is a function on the app that I refuse to change, because I get a lot of messages from inspiring people and it’s a great way to keep in contact with your followers.

I was flashed once in my life when I was about eight walking on the beach with my auntie.

I think that Kim feeling empowered by her own selfie is very different to me being singled out by a random man I don’t know sending a picture for sexual gratification.

Men and women post pictures to social media to show off the results of their hard work on their bodies, or simply just to show off, and I find no issue with it.

I’m one of those people, as I am proud of the work and effort I put into my body. Kim is a person I choose to follow and if she was posting pictures of her vagina, I certainly wouldn’t be following her and it would most definitely be taken down.

I would never have even brought this up had it not been asked and it’s not something that affects me all that much, although I do find it weird and gross that men are happy to send a woman they don’t know pictures of their willies.

The more serious thing is that young girls might get these and they might not deal with it as well as I do.

Kim’s post was not sexually motivated, whereas the snaps I get sent are, that is the difference.

I’ve never received a shot like this from any girls, but it did make me wonder are the ladies flashing just as much as the men.

So Michael, the answer to your question is that I don’t think women or men should be sending naked pictures to strangers.