Kate and David are the luckiest punters at Grand National

Kate and David are the luckiest punters at Grand National

Kate and David have been ranked the luckiest names to pick a Grand National winning horse.

Punters looking to strike it lucky during the biggest week in British horse racing, which kicks off on Thursday (06.04.17) should ask their friends with the names David or Kate to give them a tip, according to research by casino review website Cassingdom.com.

Richard Gargan, spokesperson at Casingdom.com, said: "Luck can manifest itself in different ways, but a key factor is being positive and being in the right place at the right time. It seems the general consensus is that those of us named Kate or David notice more opportunities and ensure they listen to their intuition to maximise their chances of having lucky days."

The review also ranked Sarah, John, Victoria, Richard and Jane among those who can make lucky pickings that turn out to be profitable during the big race.

The Grand National race takes place at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool on Saturday (08.04.17) and is broadcast for the first time on ITV, the race starts at 5.15pm.

Top 10 luckiest names are as follows:

1 Kate / David

2 Sarah / John

3 Victoria / Richard

4 Jane / Paul

5 Lucy / Steve

6 Mary / James

7 Elizabeth / Peter

8 Emma/ Mark

9 Julie / Michael

10 Sharon / Andrew