Jon Walters has a funny Twitter pop at FAI over €5m payment from FIFA

Jon Walters has been having a laugh about the story of the week
Jon Walters has been having a laugh about the story of the week

Jon Walters has been having a bit of fun at the FAI's payment from FIFA.

The details of, and reaction to, the payment continue to rumble on but at least one of the players in the Ireland camp is seeing the funny side of the whole affair.

Jon Walters posted this tweet last night, and it is definitely one of the best we've seen so far.

At around the same time last night, the FAI released further details on the payment.

The FAI published a copy of a confidentiality agreement it reached with world governing body FIFA after it had confronted president Sepp Blatter over Ireland's World Cup play-off exit in 2009.

The document states: "On or before January 15, 2010, FIFA and FAI have entered into a loan agreement over 5million euros as an inducement for the FAI to enter into this agreement. Further, the FAI will receive an additional Goal Project in the amount of 400,000 US dollars than the one executed in 2009."

The FAI added that the money was paid into its account on January 20, 2010 and was accounted for and was later reduced to 4m euros.

Finally, the FAI stated that in 2013 the loan was written off, attaching a letter signed by FIFA's deputy general secretary, Markus Kattner, confirming as much.

Delaney, Kattner and general secretary Jerome Valcke's signatures also appear on the agreement document relating to the loan, again posted by the FAI on its official website.