Jessica Simpson must have been… eh… celebrating before this cringeworthy interview

JESSICA SIMPSON: Likes to party, we'd say
JESSICA SIMPSON: Likes to party, we'd say

Jessica Simpson – multi-millionaire singer, Daisy Duke lookalike, reality TV star, fashion brand owner… and someone who evidently likes to party early in the day if this video is anything to go by.

In this car crash of an interview she is asked by a giggling reporter about her fashion sense and he kids… and, well, she kind of goes off on a tangent of free association.

To see she is feeling a tad ‘happy’ is an understatement, and we can only assume the ‘green room’ at the event she was attending opened early… and that she probably had the keys.

We would suggest you watch this cringe-fest of an interview from behind a cushion.