Jeremy Kyle show pays for infamous guest's new teeth

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Gemma set to return to the Kyle show with her new teeth
Gemma set to return to the Kyle show with her new teeth

She was one of the most memorable guests on the ITV trash talk show hosted by Jeremy Kyle, but now Gemma Swift has been given a whole new set of teeth.

Troubled Gemma became the subject of a torrent of heartless comments from social media users when she appeared on the daytime TV show in January, with Twitter and Facebook fans poking fun at her stand-out facial feature.

She was on the show under the banner: “Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your ex.” However it was her misshaped teeth which drew the focus of many.

Now it is being reported that the ITV show paid for their former guest to have a new set of teeth, with the procedure filmed by producers ahead of her re-appearance on the show.

While Gemma may no longer have to worry about her gnashers, you suspect her troubled love life may still be something of a worry if her first appearance on the Kyle show is anything to go by.