Jeremy Kyle defends male domestic abuse victim from laughing audience

Jeremy Kyle: "How is that funny?"
Jeremy Kyle: "How is that funny?"

The much-derided Jeremy Kyle was forced to defend a male domestic abuse victim after the audience laughed at his traumatic story.

The talk-show host was forced to intervene when his subject, a young man named Geoff, appeared on the show to confront his ex-girlfriend Danni about her alleged cheating and aggressive behaviour.

During the harrowing interview, Geoff describes the type of abuse he received at the hands of his girlfriend. 

"It was violent from her side. It is a bit embarrassing to admit it," Geoff said, before describing an incident when he was forced to jump from a third-floor balcony to get away from her after she locked him in a room.

"I ended up in hospital and I cut all my arm and back open. I ripped all my back, all my legs, the lot," he said. "I ended up in hospital because she wouldn’t let me out of the flat".

The audience, quite shockingly, laughed at his story, which prompted the presenter to step in and demand they be more mindful of double standards when it comes to domestic abuse. 

"It’s not funny though, is it?" Kyle said. "I don’t want to upset anyone in the audience but if a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in a flat and she’d been forced to jump out and injure herself you lot would not be laughing.

"You would be saying he is a total nightmare, he should be locked up and this is disgraceful. Just because it happened to a bloke it is not funny."

The crowd fell ashamedly silent, before a round of applause echoed through the studio. 

The impromptu scolding has been received well on social media, with many users commending the presenter.